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The Global Association of Literary Festivals connects all of the world’s literature festivals in a spirit of cooperation, exchanging ideas and resources, forging partnerships and providing a forum for discussion on all topics that affect book festivals, writers’ festivals and international literature.

VIDEO: Festivals Going Digital: Do or Die

Have a watch of this recap from our first live Association webinar. If you’re a member of the Association you can watch the full session here in our forum

Our second webinar 'Crossing Cultures and Embracing Diversity' took place on Tuesday 28 July. If you missed it you can also catch up with that session in our forum

Literary News Roundup - bloodthirsty unicorns, a drive-in book festival and the Booker shortlist is announced 

Appledore’s drive-in Book Festival kicks off tomorrow, you can expect a live one-woman play performed over the phone at Ilkley Literature Festival, Lahore weighs in on remaining resilient in the face of the pandemic, bloodthirsty unicorns are on the horizon, and more. 

  • We welcomed Chiddingston Castle Literary Festival to the Association this week!
  • Appledore Book Festival launches its first ever five-day drive-in festival this weekend with audiences able to listen to sessions via their car radio featuring Michael Morpurgo, Jeremy Vine, Richard Osman and more.
  • In addition to workshops on writing for wellness, prepping poetry for publication and more, throughout October, Ilkley Literature Festival will be showing a series of films with a Carnival theme, combined with discussion and poetry performance in response to the screenings, and even a live theatre experience in the form of a one-woman play performed live over the phone. More here.
  • You can read about the impact of the pandemic on the Lahore Literary Festival and the importance of its resilience to the wider writing community in this article. You can also keep up to date on their digital events via their Facebook page here.
  • There are two more days left to enjoy Berlin International Literature Festival (internationales literaturfestival berlin). You can explore the Festival events in full via various PDF programmes available here.
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It's coming up sunflowers for Istanbul International Literature Festival 

After being unable to host its March festival, Istanbul International Literature Festival staged a digital event this week on its original theme of ‘sunflower literature’ - from 15 June until 19 June - events fittingly end with David Nicholls discussing Sweet Sorrow

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Virtually the Same - Or Is It?

As festivals whose dates are later this year or early next, decide on the shape their events might take what’s to be learned from those first movers who were forced to become the ‘early adopters’ of the latest tech?

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A Winter Wonderland of Online Programming - Auckland Writers' Festival - 3 May 26 July

The 20th anniversary edition of the Auckland Writers’ Festival was due to take place from 12 to 17 May this year and like many of us, the Festival has had to move their best laid birthday plans online.

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