22 - 26



Flip Brazil International Literature Festival of Paraty

map Paraty, Brazil

Every year since it has been created in 2003, Flip has offered a unique experience infused with literature. Always staged together with the town that hosts it, and more than an event, it is a cultural statement. On a temporary stage, at the center of gorgeous scenery, nestled between the sea and the Atlantic rainforest mountain chain, award-winning and young talented authors meet for sparkling conversation. Flip is nowadays one of South America’s leading literary events.

Flip main program brings together national and international authors for literary debates about writing and creative process during live panels held in a 500-seat temporary theatre that enables the audience to almost join the action on stage. As it is bringing the best of contemporary literature, with the participation of renowned authors and still unpublished in the country, Flip attracts an audience of readers and culture consumers mainly from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but not only.