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October 2023



“Kimolistes NGO” had its tenth birthday on September 2021 while launching the first KIMOLOS EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL that year,  comprising a wide range of events related to the island’s Cycladic identity.The open-air cinema “Cine Kalisperitis”,has screenings at the Medieval Castle and at the famous beaches. Cine Kalisperitis received the following awards through Ms. Agatha Rodi’s proposals: 2nd place BEST CITY AWARDS 2023 (SILVER AWARD), in the category: Culture & Sustainable Development, with the proposal’s title: “Cine Kalisperitis Screenings: Sustainable Development by Featuring Kimolos’ Landscape, Environmental Protection, and Volunteerism”. The BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue & Awards-Appointed Ambassador of Sustainable Development for 2022, in Greece. It highlights initiatives promoting Sustainable Development that support the creation of the Greece of tomorrow.https://observatory.sustainablegreece2020.com/gr/practice/h-syneisfora-toy-cinekalhsperith-sthn-biwsimh-toyristikh-ana.2299.html?fbclid=IwAR3LcX38YiPP5vwy4Fo7Ff8FJx_HQrRYz9_UTc9cFZpz2NucceFNuDis7sIIt was awarded the 1st Prize for 2021 by the European Cultural Tourism Network https://www.culturaltourism-network.eu/results-2021.htmlon the category of Cultural and «Creative Industries (CCIs) contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism development»  with the proposal under the title «Enhancing Cultural restructure of Sustainable Tourism’s Perspectives on Kimolos Island» through «Cinekalisperitis» the first open-air cinema, introduced on the Aegean Islands.Being transferred to remote beaches under the stars with 150-200 solar lanterns set up and torches; along with the “Open Libraries” award by the “Greek IBBY Distinction” in 2019, the workshops, Lectures, Concerts, the Boat Libraries, and Trekking to familiarize the tourists and islanders with the Kimolian paths where our ancestors left their imprint is the point of reference for the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. https://www.kimolistes.com/cine-kalisperitis-general-info/?lang=en Kimolos Experience Festival has as an intention to have a standard type of events on, lectures, workshops on tradition, writing and creating stories with kids with the use of drawings and paintings as a part of collaborating with other nonprofit organizations, being the Ambassador/ Global CoHost of two of them; the MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN’S DAY & INTERNATIONAL READ TO ME DAY in order to promote arts and writing.Our Policy Maker Ms. Agatha Rodi, an educator/writer/storyteller and publisher introduces workshops on STORYTELLING & CREATIVE WRITING https://www.agatharodi.com/story-telling-waves/ as an effort to safeguard the Kimolian tradition, inspiring the youngs to write fairy tales. Our first picture book on Kimolos with the islanders’ participation was released in July 2022https://www.amazon.com/Young-Kimolistas-adventure-Islanders-Kimolistes/dp/B0BW2SL4KZ?ref_=ast_author_dp with a variety of workshops following its launch. Ms. Rodi, having the idea of recording the cultural heritage of Kimolos’ Island, through storytelling in combination with Sustainable Development, the rebirth of tradition and stories, coming in contact with Traces & Dreams and Ms. Nerina Finetto in January 2022, shared her vision for the launch of the program from Greece and the island of Kimolos. Thus, the joint synergy was born in a program that concerns young people aged 15 to 25 years with the aim of exchanging, educating, and recording from their part, all the unique elements that characterize Small Islands, as the program is entitled:ISLANDERS: MANY ISLANDS – ONE COMMUNITY. The first official exchange of information and implementation of our action plan will have as a destination the Azores in April 2023, and the island of Terceira, where 2 members of the Kimolistes Ngo will be present, and then the visit of the members of the organizations, will follow for a week to the island of Kimolos, in September 2023 in the framework of the program.Upon completion of the program, the working group of young people from Kimolos and members of Kimolistes Ngo will travel, representing Kimolos’ participation in a meeting in Brussels, informing other European countries about the results of the program in June 2024.