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Street Books

map Dolianova, Sardinia, Italy

The Street Books Festival is an annual celebration of literature, creativity, and social responsibility, bringing together book-lovers from across the world. With a focus on promoting cultural exchange, education, and development, the festival features a diverse line-up of speakers, workshops, and interactive activities.Each year, the festival has a unique theme, exploring different aspects of the literary landscape. From poetry readings to panel discussions, the festival encourages attendees to engage with their favorite authors and explore new ideas and perspectives.The festival also promotes social responsibility and culture, with ongoing literacy programs implemented in partnership with local organizations. Additionally, the festival has a focus on environmental sustainability, with eco-friendly practices and initiatives throughout the event.Whether you're a lifelong book-lover or a curious newcomer, the Street Books Festival offers a vibrant, engaging, and inspiring experience. Through the power of words, the festival celebrates the richness of human experience and inspires positive change in the world.Here A Story from the last Edition | 2022 | The seventh edition of the iconic Street Books Festival was an unprecedented success & took place in the historical building of Villa de Villa Dolianova, Sardinia, Italy! The stirring aura of the festival was celebrated with a remarkable line-up of speakers, bringing together book-lovers from across the world.A celebration of ideas, exploration, imagination, words, laughter, music, and fun took over the beautiful Sardinia Island. Channeling the serenity flowing across Dolianova and the Parteolla, the Street Books Festival brought its caravan of ideas, signature solidarity, and the delightful flow of conversations.“In 2022 itself, Miele Amaro il circolo dei lettori and Video Vision have presented around 52 new editions online in streaming and offline in Villa de Villa,” said Karina, Video Vision’s Press Officer. “This thought-provoking, contemporary event enables guests to mingle with their favorite authors and promote their love for literature.”Perhaps one of the most unique and quintessentially fun book events, the Street Books Festival has been an epitome for aspiring writers with a rising passion for literature and books. This ecstatic event fused the multilingual literary heritage of Italy with the distinct flavor of exceptional author experiences.Exhilarating Energy of the Street Books FestivalFeaturing poetry jams, panel discussions, and one-to-one interviews, the iconic Street Books Festival celebrated the inspiration of literature and ideas in a lively and vibrant environment. With stirring talks and readings by a great line-up of global guests, this unconventional literature festival had something for everyone.At the core of the Book Festival’s activity was an integrated approach to creative education and learning. The intimate festival aimed to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to explore new ideas and expand their horizons. It was an unmissable festival where the literary community gathered to explore the multi-layered literary landscape.Organised by Assessoradu de s’istrutzione pùblica, benes culturales, informatzione, ispetàculu and isport and Miele Amaro il circolo dei lettori, the Street Books Festival promoted social responsibility and culture. Visual arts, cinema, literature, journalism, and music all went together with celebration and dialogue.Features of the festival include:– Local and international promotion of literature, cultural exchange, debate, education, and development.– Inclusive event with international artists.– Social responsibility and education.– Ongoing literacy programs implemented together with partners.An Extravagant, Delightful Experience in Villa De Villa DolianovaThe seventh edition of the Sardinia Street Books Festival in July was titled “Restiamo Umani: (Stay Human) – a deep travel made by people on the Weakness and Strength of the Human Beings.” The event aimed to build bridges of cultural understanding and promote shared values through literature, art, and knowledge.This fun, relaxed event witnessed the unique intellect, excitement, and energy of literature, bringing people together to celebrate the lively literary culture. The mighty event kept the artistic spirit of conversations alive with a set of literary legends, poets, artists, writers, thinkers, and musical masters engrossed in mesmerizing discussions.The eclectic guest list featured everyone from the most prominent Italian writers, directors, and artists to TV people and influencers, including Dario Vergassola, Carlo Gabardini, Le Perle di Pinna, Gaia Raynieri, and many others. This fun-packed event included a series of workshops, lectures, special exhibitions, book launches, and many other interactive activities.