Festivals, Book Prizes and More…

Festivals, Book Prizes and More…

Festival News:


The Flip Brazil International Literature Festival in Paraty promises an enriching literary experience from November 22 to 26, 2023. With a diverse program, the festival includes educational initiatives like Flip+, cinematic events at Praça Flip+, cultural activities at Casa da Cultura, and collaborative events in partner spaces. The schedule features captivating discussions at various tables, such as “A Theater, a Precipice” with Flora Süssekind and Marion Aubert, and “A Deadly Prison” with Joyce Berth, Denise Carrascosa, and Manuela d’Ávila. Noteworthy sessions include “Someone Telegraphs the World for Attention” and “Only Then Could I Speak (Zé Kleber).” Additionally, performances like “Leafy” by Juliana Perdigão and “Aquenda – That’s What Love Is Sometimes” by Luna Vitrolira add a dynamic dimension to the festival. The program culminates with an opening show featuring Adriana Calcanhotto, setting the stage for a week of literary exploration and cultural celebration in the picturesque town of Paraty.


The Aké Arts and Book Festival, taking place from November 22 to 25, 2023, boasts a vibrant and diverse program that spans across literature, panel discussions, film screenings, music, and more. The Welcome Ceremony, hosted by Tobechukwu Anyachebelu, sets the tone for the festival’s engaging lineup. Book Chats feature authors such as Ayanna Lloyd Banwo, Wole Talabi, Bolu Babalola, and others, discussing their works with skilled hosts. Panel Discussions cover topics ranging from the democratisation of knowledge to the impact of artificial intelligence on Africa, featuring prominent figures like Petina Gappah, Lola Shoneyin, and Olusegun Aganga. The festival also includes cultural events like Games Night, The African Book Quiz, and Palm Wine and Poetry, providing a holistic celebration of African arts and literature. The Aké Arts and Book Festival promises an enriching experience for attendees in Lagos.


The George Town Literary Festival, set to captivate audiences from November 24 to 27, 2023, offers a diverse and thought-provoking program. Starting with the Loft 29 Main Hall’s Book Launch, “A Spoonful of Malaysian Magic,” the festival promises a literary feast. Engaging discussions include “Translation Across Borders” with speakers Sawad Hussain, Chris Andrews, and Duong Manh Hung, and “Literary Constellations: Regional Journals, Magazines, and Publishers” featuring Kirsten Han and Wayne McCallum. The festival explores various genres and forms, such as theater writing and poetry sessions. With panel discussions on journalism, crime fiction, and the impact of AI, the festival brings together literary enthusiasts, authors, and intellectuals for a rich celebration of literature and ideas in George Town.


The Cove and Kilcreggan Book Festival on November 25-26 promises an immersive literary experience, with an impressive lineup of authors and captivating events. Pat Nevin, former footballer turned memoirist, will share insights from his latest work, “Football and How to Survive It” on Sunday. The festival also features events with renowned personalities such as Nicola Sturgeon, Darren McGarvey, Kerry Hudson, and Sir Tom Devine. The diverse program includes a discussion with Sally Magnusson, Andrew O’Hagan, and a session with Hannah Lavery, adding depth and variety to the literary offerings. Engaging topics, esteemed authors, and a blend of seriousness and humor are all to be found at the festival.


The University of the Virgin Islands collaborates with The Caribbean Writer (TCW) as a key partner and primary sponsor for the United States Virgin Islands Literary Festival and Book Fair,. Volume 37 of TCW has recently been published, exploring the profound theme of “Carrying: Recognition and Repair,” and it features contributions from talented writers spanning the entire Caribbean diaspora. Currently immersed in the literary exploration for Volume 38—2024, TCW invites submissions under the theme “Legacies: Reckoning and Resilience.” Writers from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to submit their work before the submission deadline on December 31, 2023.


The Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) is excited to host a compelling online event on November 18, celebrating the finalists for the 2023 Governor General’s Literary Awards Drama category. This virtual gathering will showcase the literary prowess of the five finalists – Cliff Cardinal, Darla Contois, Hiro Kanagawa, Suvendrini Lena, and Jordan Tannahill. Moderated by Ash Knight, the panel will engage in a thought-provoking conversation about their nominated works, exploring the motivations behind their creations and delving into the intricate process of transforming stories from the page to the stage. TIFA invites literature enthusiasts to join this engaging event, which was filmed on November 3, to gain unique insights into the minds of these talented authors. The online celebration is scheduled for 10 am ET and will be accessible via TIFA’s YouTube channel.

The 2024 Hay Festival Scribblers Tour, bringing free creative workshops to students across Wales, has unveiled its lineup, including novelists Emma Carroll and Nikesh Shukla. Taking place from January 29 to February 9, the thirteenth year of the tour will feature interactive sessions led by authors such as Laura Bates and poet Karl Nova for years 7-8, and for years 9-10, sessions with Nikesh Shukla and Emma Carroll. The events will be held at various universities, providing students with a taste of campus life. The tour aims to inspire young people, offering them the chance to meet and learn from established authors.


Book News:

Renowned writer and critic AS Byatt, celebrated for her exploration of family and myth, has passed away at 87. With critically acclaimed novels like “Possession” and “The Children’s Book,” she left an indelible mark on literature. Byatt’s profound narratives will continue to captivate readers, ensuring her legacy endures for generations to come. More

Canadian-American writer John Vaillant has been awarded the £50,000 Baillie Gifford prize for his book “Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World,” offering a poignant narrative on the 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Vaillant’s win marks the first time a climate emergency-themed book has claimed the prestigious UK non-fiction award since its inception in 1999. The book explores the interconnected histories of the oil industry, climate science, and the devastating impact of wildfires. More

Amazon Books has named Rebecca F. Kuang’s “Yellowface” as the inaugural winner of its Best Book of the Year award in the UK. The satirical novel, which delves into the complexities of Asian American representation in the publishing industry, triumphed over other shortlisted works. Top of Form

Hachette has unveiled a new management structure, appointing Hachette UK CEO David Shelley as CEO of both Hachette Book Group (HBG) and Hachette UK. The changes, effective January 1, 2024, aim to bring the two entities closer together. Richard Kitson, Deputy CEO of Hachette UK, will also take on the dual role of Deputy CEO for both HBG and Hachette UK.

G J Ogden has clinched the Kindle Storyteller Award, securing the £20,000 prize for his sci-fi novel “Forsaken Commander,” the inaugural installment in The Artenian War series. The award was presented at the Houses of Parliament, with celebrity judges Sue Perkins and Baroness Floella Benjamin.

Ana Paula Maia’s “Of Cattle and Men,” translated by Zoë Perry and published by Charco Press in the UK, secures the US Cercador Prize for Literature in Translation, triumphing over shortlisted contenders, including Jon Fosse’s “A Shining,” the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate.Top of Form

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